What is traveltodate.com?

Traveltodate.com is a societal stage for voyagers, created to high your passion for travel to superior level. Here are for you more than —- voyagers! You can find a perfect voyage fellow in this various scroll – just enter your chosen voyage terms and the chosen place of a visit. The traveltodate.com refers you with a person who is seeking for resembling ventures or going to visit the same whither.

Traveltodate.com gives the opportunity to find voyage fellows, amuse and entertain voyagers in your place and contact with locals to study more about your voyage purpose. It is a cheer modern way to talk in online chat about trip, foregather in mid course, seek council and exchange trip tips.

How to start membership on traveltodate.com?

Barely sign in with your e-mail or with Facebook.

To sign in with e-mail: in the upper right-hand side click the button “Sign in with E-mail” and complete in your name, e-mail and password. After that click “Create your Account” – you’re done! You are welcome to traveltodate.com!

What is the scheme of downloading a profile photo?

Notice! All pictures you are throwing to your page should be the photos of yourself or of your voyages. Forbidden to add pics that enclose contact info or pornography, spam, any copyrighted materials, celebrities.

Wish to fulfill your profile in one click? Get in via Facebook!

This option is also possible.

How can I get voyage fellows?

Scroll down the home page and browse through voyage fellows.

Have specific criteria? – Select on the home page “Change Search Criteria”. Fulfill what type of voyage fellow you are seeking for and click “Show Matches”. Now, the results of the search are more exact to your preferences.

How can I start a dialog with another member?

Barely click on the member’s profile and send a message.

What is traveltodate.com’s membership plan?

Traveltodate.com’s membership provides to intercommunicate without any limits.

What payment systems can be used?

Major credit and debit cards with a CVV code and with PayPal are accepted.

I found a suspicious profile. What to do?

If you interfere a strange or suspicious profile, please send the ID number or the link to our clients support.

We also strictly counsel, as a safety provision, not to recite personal contact details with travelers until you get to know them well.

I want to erase my profile.

Send an application to our support.

Help us to improve our service – point the reason you are erasing your profile, we would be grateful.

How can I contact traveltodate.com?

Any querys or proposals? Contact us at any time via support form.

Concerns or questions?

Please contact us and we will try to help you.

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