“Privacy Policy” (PP):

Usually during visiting any site the person is embedding info about his attendance to the site’s operators, the info they get depend on what a person is doing at the site. This includes traveltodate.com. Privacy is very valuable for us, the same as for you we think, so we want to give you all info for you can decide about your PP. We suppose it is a good mind for you to understand at first what the site’s PP is before your visiting or supplying any info to any Website. Don’t scruple to question if you don’t find the needed info about PP.

The strict policy of the site traveltodate.com is that the info we receive from your visiting is consumed for internal tracking purposes (making the site as helpful and cunning as we can; to serve to your needs for info or other services).

Worth noting:

– your personal info isn’t used for any other objects;

– never sold to any third person or organization;

– never shared with any third person or organization, differently than assured in this PP.

Traveltodate.com utilizes Google Shopping Cart API, which is subject to google.com’s privacy policy (http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/), incorporated by reference herein.

More about how personal info is managed:


What pers. info we pick and how it is used.

Our PP concerning info sharing.


How to decide what communion you will take from traveltodate.com.


How to monitor the applying of the personal info.


Our protection of the safety of the personal info.

Recourse and Customer Service

Changes to the traveltodate.com PP.

How to contact traveltodate.com


What pers. info we gather:

When you visiting the traveltodate.com, we get the Internet provider’s domain name and the country you are that moment (for example, “aol.com”) and the pathways received as you moving from page to page (that is «click stream» activity).

Requests for Information or Visitor Registration:

Traveltodate.com takes personal info that a person selects to allow on his free will when registering or applying with the traveltodate.com site.

«Personal information» contains:

– info that can identify a person as a concrete individual, such as his name or e-mail;

– if partnership agreement includes, the name of a person and company name.

Our site can be browsed without registration but to use certain functions it is needed to register.

Browsing and the use of Cookies:

The cookie technology is applied by traveltodate.com as a part of the Website’s statistical reporting.

(A cookie is a petite portion of info, it is sent by a Website and saved on the hard disk of your computer by the browser. It borrows info that may be needed by the site for personalization of your practice at this site (that is rotating images on traveltodate.com home page). Also to gather site statistical records (which pages were visited, what were downloaded, the domain name of the internet provider and geographical location of the visitor (for example “umich.edu” or “aol.com”). And the site’s addresses visited exactly afore and next after visiting traveltodate.com.

But nothing from the gathered info disclose a visitor as a person. It’s determined solely in total. The cookies` info allows to track the «click stream» activity of a person (that is the tracks made by a visitor at the Website as they move from page to page).

Cookies don’t catch the personal e-mail or any private info about a person.

The standard server is used for logging files. It helps to calculate visitors and rate the technical capacity of the site. This info is used to explore how many visitors attend traveltodate.com, helps us to lead the site browser-friendly, organize in the most user-friendly way the pages and to make the pages more helpful and valuable to visitors. The recorded info is about the site traffic but not about the individualities of our visitors, so no info about the visitor in particular will be used or kept.

If you want to browse without cookies – make configurations of your browser to refuse from all cookies or to give you an inform when a cookie is set.

(Check the “Help” menu to find out how to change your cookie preferences, because every browser is different)

The way collected info is used:

– Guide your account and your preferences;

– Answer to your questions and offers;

– Make traveltodate.com as user-friendly as it is possible;

– Complete your needs for services and products;

– If you select to obtain such notifications – to send you distinctive proposals and tagged subjects;

– Decompose applying and perfect our site, offers, items and services;

– Tune your browsing history in traveltodate.com;

– Recognize and defend from defrauding transactions and other misapplies of the site.

E-mail, Mailing Lists, and Other Services:

After your sending us your e-mail, we can use it only to answer to your question or to gratitude for your commentary. We will stock up your appeal and our reply if we will correspond further.

After our primary answer, your e-mail address will be safe from sending you any unasked info or message. And it will not be shared or sold to any third person or company for this use.

There is also an opportunity to receive a traveltodate.com’s daily newsletters from (for example, account updates, special offers targeted to your interests).

Notice! Sometimes scammers create fake accounts or fake e-mails that look like they are from traveltodate.com.

These scammers` emails usually:

– Offering things or deals that sound too good to be true

(e.g. You are the winner of the TraveltoDate Lottery);

– Asking you for moneys for customers’ charges;

– Claiming to be a traveltodate.com administrator or personnel.

If you have received any of suspicious email be careful! Do not open any attachments, click any links or send an answer to that message.

Please! Resend that suspicious email to our support form and our crew will handle with it.

Linking To Other Sites:

Please notice! If you link from traveltodate.com to another Website, the traveltodate.com Site Rules and this PP are not proceeded.

Your interaction and browser on any other Website, inclusive any site that has a link on traveltodate.com, submit to the policies and rules of that site. We recommend you to study the policies and rules of the sites you visit, that will help to realize their processes for gathering, applying and revealing personal info.

Our policy regarding sharing of info:

Service Providers:

It is also possible that some info will be disclosed to our partner companies which help us to provide our services.

E.g., we work with other companies for:

– managing a database of customer info;

– assisting us for a distributive process for emails;

– assisting us with data collection and direct marketing;

– providing us analysis and storage;

– providing fraudulence preventions;

– providing other svc created to help us to maximize our business potential.

We demand from these assistant companies comply to safe confidentiality all info we share out with them and to apply the info only to commit their commitments due to our arrangements with them.

Other Companies:

We can procure info to regardfully picked companies in case we believe their svc or products may be of concern to you.

Business Transitions:

It may be that we shift or share a copy of personal info about you in the event that traveltodate.com or one of its properties, subsidiaries, affiliates, passes through a business conversion, such as selling a portion of its assets, a merger or being obtained by another company.

Compliance with Law:

It may be that we allow the access to info when we are legally obligatored to do so: to collaborate with police investigations or other legal procedures, to defend from abuse or unhallowed or unauthorized applying of our site, to bound our statutory responsibility, to apply protection of our rights or to apply protection of the rights, safety, property of visitors of our site or the public.

Age Confines

People less than 18 years old are forbidden to apply traveltodate.com. Our Website and it’s svc are not aligned to children less than 18 y.o.

In conformity to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act: any info we receive from users seemed to be under adulthood (the age less than 18) for our opinion will be purified from our database.



Traveltodate.com can occasionally send you e-mail letters in which will be described new features, updates, promotional proposals connected to this Website. It is probable for you to stop being received these emails at any time.

Updating Your Personal Info

To delete or change your personal info:

Log into your account;

Go to traveltodate.com ´s Main Page;

Select My Account;

Select My Profile;

Redact your personal info;

Click Save.

If you have any problems – send a message to our Support Team. We will make the requested corrections.


The safeness of your personal info is very significant for us and our strict position is to protect the info we pick. Traveltodate.com uses firewalls and has safeness conventions at the point of physical objects to defend from the lost, misapply or changes of info that we have got from you at our Website.

Traveltodate.com has VeriSign and McAfee secure certificates. It is demonstrating that the site traveltodate.com is fully tested, approved and given certificate by these two advanced security systems.

On our site you are defended from any identity theft, credit card fraud, spam, viruses, spyware and online scam.

Customer Service and Recurrence

Contacting the Website

Notice! When you put any info to our site in connection with any traveltodate.com connected svc, you accept to traveltodate.com’s processing of this info in the United States/Ukraine/Belarus/Russia as needful to procure the svc in which you are applying and taking part.

In case you have any comments, questions or appeals about traveltodate.com’s PP and/or the way it reacts on you, please connect our Customer Support.

Acceptance of Privacy Statement

Your applying of our website, inclusive any disputation regarding privacy, is object to this privacy statement and the available Conditions and Terms. By applying our website, you accept the practical configuration of this privacy declaration and the acceptance of the traveltodate.com Terms of Use Agreement. By using our site you pose and proclaim that you will not produce any websites, databases, legal entities, services and software emulating with traveltodate.com.

Suchlike activism will be researched and be investigated and assumed legal moves will be made, inclusive without limits, civil, criminal, and injunctive reimbursement.

Traveltodate.com allocates the law to transform, retrofit or mend this policy at any time.

We take privacy points very gravely and dedicate to stay at the front line of PP and defense points.

We will periodically renovate our PP. We will post those renovates on this page.

It is your responsibility for revisiting this page to overlook our PP updates.

Concerns or questions?

Please contact us and we will try to help you.

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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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