Your Safety Options“:


Our top priority is the privacy and safety of our members. We review closely every profile right past it’s been registered to void irrelevant content. As well all photos and updated content are monitored and verified to assure they conform our conditions and terms.

Please! Report us about everything that looks distrustful or suspicious in your opinion.

In purpose to avoid fraudulent payments the department of finances checks each transaction with the applying of the SSL data encrypting, certified by VeriSign & McAfee Secure. That allows to assure the safeness of your online purchasings. All your details are defended and indiscemible to any third party due to data sent over the internet is enciphered.


Notice! Please not use the another person’s credit card! Use only your own. This is a safeness arrangement to affirm that the card is in your possession and the cardholder not mind to it’s usage. If you determine to use anyone else’s credit card, we’ll question you to procure the scans of the card and the ID of the cardholder.

The site’s support of the clients is readily to answer any problem or question you have.


Tips for Our Users

Online Communication

TraveltoDate makes all possible efforts to form and support an assertive trials. And we highly promote our members to be watchful and have common sense every time you meet new people online.

Beneath we’ve set the next guide-lines for helping you stay unscathed and defended.


Your Finances

In case you got a query to transmit money, specially by wire transfers or oversea – ignore it! Inform those happenings to the support of clients right away – even if this person requires to be in an edge or emergency.

Notice! Under no circumstances provide any finance info! (Like credit card number or details of your bank, your Social Security numbers, specially to individuals you don’t know or haven’t got together in person).


Your Personal Information

With the help of our ‘conversations’ system you will get together with your potential travel mates and be defended. We can’t assure your safeness in case you transfer to other messaging svc or website.

Please! Do not give away your personal contact info before you discover and get to know the individuality completely well. For the sake of extra safeness and protection, do not give or leave any personal contact info threw your username or profile.

Notice! will never send you any letter to your e-mail or via communicational site services asking for your password or username info!

If you had received such letter or message – please report to our support of clients immediately!


Take Precautions (Measures of Safety)

Be prudence and wariness of people who ask for any personal or private details or propose stuffs that seem to be too good to be true.

Considering the written above you’ll see the roster of “red flags” that will help you to recognize a suspect profile:


– Inquire you for money or any material goods;

– Wants to chat on other messaging services or asks you quickly for your private e-mail address;

– Disappears from the website, then reappears under a different nickname;

– Talking about “fate” or “destiny”;

– Sends you e-mails comprising suspect links to third-party site.


Please! Report any such or other suspect activism to our official support.


Communication offline

TraveltoDate’s the main goal is to find worldwide travel-mates and to have travellings together along! In case you have decided to meet individuality in real life – please allow us to present you some advises about the steps you can make to assure your safeness and welfare.

Getting to Know the Other Person

The TraveltoDate crew never owns any other info on our members and users excepting of what is already specified in their profiles. Remember! You should get to know the individuality via online dating really well before meeting him or her in person!


Always Meet in a Public place

For the first meeting the best places are populated, public locations.

Notice! Never set or go to an appointment at anyone’s home or apartment or in a remote or private place.


Narrate a Friend

Let to know a friend or several friends, a family member or some members about your intentions, inclusive where and when you are going. It is better to give them info about the potential travel partner and make certain to have your mobile-phone with you.


Have an Alternative or Backup Plan

Have a list of the variety options for your trip. In case something goes wrong with your travel partnership, it is better to have alternative ways to pleasure and joy your journey.


Concerns or questions?

Please contact us and we will try to help you.

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